Parents Go Primitive


Time to get kids off their game’s consoles and into the real world to explore nature and their own limits.

At Wild Walk Bushcraft we offer more than just an experience. The Bushcraft we teach promotes many personal development opportunities, it builds confidence, resilience and teamwork skills, promotes healthy exercise and mindfulness as well as education of the natural world we live in.

Parents go primitive is a unique course where adults and their kids get to come together as a wee team in the outdoors while learning bushcraft skills.

Some of the skills covered on the day will be:

  • Fire craft
  • Tinder’s and kindling
  • Ignition systems including fire steel, flint steel and char cloth.
  • Clear up and leaving no impact.
  • Shelter craftBedding areas and useful materials,
  • Basics of natural shelter,
  • Environmental issues.
  • Foraging
  • Foraging in a sustainable way to promote conservation,
  • Identification of 6 wild plants their uses for food, medicine and usefulness,
  • Wild game preparation (seasonal) including education on sustainability,
  • Campfire cooking using only what can be found in nature.
  • Sharp tool use
  • Knife safety,
  • Knife use including cutting techniques, Carving skills,

Get booked on and join us at our woodland camp at Glenarm castle estate for some major outdoor fun and learning!

Course Details


Glenarm castle Estate, Larne


13th April 2024
6th July 2024
20th July 2024

Time / Duration:

12pm – 4pm

Age Limit:

Adult/child team

Extra infomation:

- 10 x adult–child teams max
- Includes food in the form of wild game and foraged greens that you will cook yourself over the camp fire.
- All specialist equipment provided by us, all you will need is a few little items to make your experience even more memorable. We will provide you with a small kit list and directions when you book on.


£75 per parent/child team

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