About Wild Walk Bushcraft

At Wild Walk we provide our customers with a variety of bushcraft and outdoor nature based activities.

We pride ourselves in looking to the past skills and re-introducing our customers to these with workshops in prehistoric technologies such as flint knapping natural glues and cordage making.

At Wild Walk we only work with the very best instructors from around the world hosting workshops in hide tanning technology and Bow making.

Paul Moore – Chief Instructor

The owner and chief instructor at Wild Walk, Paul grew up exploring the fields and forests of his home town and from a very young age had a passion for all things outdoors and nature.

Spending every minute of his childhood in wild places tracking and observing wildlife, hand fishing for trout building shelters and living outside.

Paul has a special interest in Irish prehistory, teaching flint knapping prehistoric skills.

Pauls spent many years teaching adults and has a level 6 diploma in teaching and learning  and an NCFE Level 3 Advanced Bushcraft award which enables him to design and deliver training and education programmes in Bushcraft and outdoors education. Paul also holds child protection, first aid and ACCESSNI certification.

As a director, instructor and assessor in the self defence and protection industry, Paul has trained government, public and private individuals along with organisations in armed and unarmed defence and protection techniques. Paul is also trained as a human behaviours analysis specialist.

Also a well known exhibiting artist and designer who works in a variety of mediums including inks, pencil and charcoal as well as painting in watercolour. He also enjoys the link between his work in the outdoors and his artistic work. His craft items include the use of recycled material, wood glass stone and obsidian, to create a range of jewellery and decorative home crafts.

The Wilderness Awaits.

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