Bushcraft Seedling Course

The seedling course is a fantastic place to begin, or continue, your bushcraft journey.

On this course we cover:

Shelter – “Tarp set ups the ‘Right Way’!”

This element will include

  • location,
  • Environmental factors,
  • Common knots,
  • What set up for What use.

We will also discuss primitive shelters their uses and designs for different climates.

Food“Enjoy an information packed session on wild local plants and trees!”

This element will include

  • Foraging plants for medicine, food or uses in bushcraft,
  • Wild game preparation (fish fowl or mammal)
  • Backwoods cooking,
  • Breads and baking on the campfire

This element will also include an informal challenge to assess and help the students remember what they have learned.

Water “Water is paramount in the back country!”

This element will include

  • Finding water using natures indicators,
  • Sourcing and purifying,
  • Different methods of water purification ( modern and primitive).

We will also be learning about water Bourne diseases and how to avoid them.

Fire “Fire is the ultimate tool but can be hard to master!”

This element will include

  • The science of fire
  • Why do we need it and how do we control it,
  • The Leave no trace approach to fire in the outdoors,
  • Tinders and kindling,
  •  How to correctly use the ferrocerium rod ,
  • Flint and steel fire lighting,
  • Feather sticks using the Wild Walk Bushcraft T.O.P C.U.R.L.S. method,
  • Safety and the campfire.

Cutting tools- “A sharp knife in the back woods makes life easier!”

This element includes:

  • Knives and the law
  • How to identify a good knife from a bad one,
  • Knife care and maintenance,
  • How to use a knife safely and efficiently in any weather,
  • Different cutting methods for different uses.
  • The functions of the folding pocket saw,
  • how to use the pocket saw to make life easy,
  • maintenance and care of the Folding pocket saw.

Course Details


Wild Walk Bushcraft Glenarm


2025 Dates will available soon. If you are interested please email us.

Time / Duration:

3 days 2 nights (10.30am Friday - 12.30 pm Sunday)

Age Limit:

16 years and over (if under 18 must be accompanied by full paying parent or guardian)

Extra infomation:

- 16 years and over (if under 18 must be accompanied by full paying parent or guardian)
- Course documents and kit list will be sent after booking is confirmed.


£195 per person

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