Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp’s ‘Man-tracking skills’ – “Regain knowledge from natural wisdom!”

This is a 2 day man tracking course led by one of the worlds foremost specialists in the field with numerous accolades and achievements to her name and I am for one very privileged to have her collaborating with Wild walk.

This course is certified by Hull’s Tracking School.

On this course you will be introduced to the art of Human tracking, below is a break down of the course:

Day One

Meeting, Presentation of the Instructor

  • Presentation of the itinerary of the course and goals
  • History of Man Tracking
  • Modern Applications
  • Difference between “Track Traps” and “Hostile Terrains”
  • Analysis on human feet
  • Difference between footwear
  • Focus on the most common Sneakers and Hiking Boots in U.K.
  • Explanation of the Tracking Kit and Tracking Stick
  • Analysis on gait (features and disabilities), pitch angle
  • How to measure tracks
  • Informations we can collect from a single track and from a pair of tracks
  • Gaining intelligence from a track/from tracks in Track Traps area
  • Tracking Fundamentals
  • Senses involved in Mantracking
  • How to develop your smelling, hearing and sight
  • How to take advantage of the sun light

Night tracking

  • How to observe tracks in the dark
  • How to employ a flashlight in poor conditions of light


Day two

  • The mindset of a Tracker
  • Elements of visual Perceptions
  • How to approach a trackline on a track trap
  • How to approach tracks on a forest
  • How to approach tracks in contaminated areas
  • How to work in a 2 people (and more) team
  • Debriefing

Delivery of Certificates



Hull’s Tracking School’s Certificate of attendance in cooperation with Footsteps of discovery

Hull’s Tracking School’s Certificate as “Novice Tracker”

Handouts and essays

My manual in pdf “The importance of being a Tracker” for free



Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp

Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp is Official Representative and Instructor for HULL’S TRACKING SCHOOL as well as certified Antipoaching Ranger for CONSERVATION RANGERS OPERATIONS WORLDWIDE Inc.

She trained personnel from European Law Enforcement, Army and Search and Rescue since 2018.

Currently she runs Tracking courses (SAR, Forensic, Tactical) all over Europe for Military, SAR, Forensic Personnel and Outdoor enthusiasts.

She is author of 5 manuals on Tracking and several essays.


Kyt’s passion and dedication to the art of tracking are humblingYou are the most inspiring and motivated person I am aware of in this field. From one (counter) tracker to another massive respect. You’re legit! ” Joe Lambert, former U.S. Navy Seal

“You are an amazing instructor in your own right, and a credit to “Hull’s Tracking School” Virginia USA. Your style of delivery is awe-inspiring and captured everybody’s attention from the outset. Your enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, your knowledge on mantracking is phenomenal, your skills are undeniable. You demonstrate with sheer conviction, professionalism, a high level moral integrity, extreme sense of duty, empathy and humanity. Your presence here in Cornwall has a had the most profound and long lasting positive effect on all you engaged with. Here’s to you, Ms Walken, may you shine a light on all who are fortunate to meet you.” Stacey Allsopp,  Remembering Our Roots CIC, U.K.


“The best course I have ever attended to. You are the best Instructor!” G.Nagy, former Magyar Szárazföldi Haderő, Hungarian Ground Forces


“Tactical tracking course in U.K.: we thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was educational and delivered with such professionalis and enthusiasm. You are a credit to your chosen field.”J.M., former Royal Navy


“Great class on the fascinating world of Mantracking“, Simon T., Royal Navy Paramedic, U.K.


“As a retired police officer I love what you do and have learned so much from you. Thanks” Toney Johnson, U.S.


“Thanks for being the legend you are. Your post motivate me to get out there as often as I can to keep learning and practicing. Its thanks to people like you that the industry keeps growing. True legend” Craig Sanders, South Africa

Course Details


Wild Walk bushcraft Glenarm


Sat 31st May - Sunday 1st June 2025

Time / Duration:

9 am Saturday - 5 pm Sunday

Age Limit:

Adults only

Extra infomation:

This is a camping course, students should arrive on site evening of Friday 30th so they are ready to go onsite at 9 am in the morning. There will be night time work on this course and constant walking so a reasonable level of mobility and fitness is required.


£ 190.00 per person

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