Get outside

The sun seems to have returned even if for a short time and while and for some this is the best excuse to get outside!  While you are there here are a couple of things you could do for fun and they will really help you switch off one part of your brain and turn on another!

1. Look for tracks. See if you can find 3 different human footprints and 3 different animal foot prints. The best places are what we call track traps or muddy places.

2. Stop and smell the flowers. With the sun shining our plants will be opening up and displaying their beauty. See if you can find 3 different wild flowers and match them to their leaves. Inspect the petals how many are there? Inspect the leaves, are the veins parallel and horizontal or do they branch off from a central vein?

3. Check out the trees! Look for buds and inspect them closely, what do they resemble? Can you identify them?

The main thing folks is to get out there and enjoy nature! There is a lot going on in the world today so time to tune it out for even a little while and tune into yourself abs the nature close to home!

Have fun and stay bushcrafty!!👍

The Wilderness Awaits.

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